As a Dutch voice-over and voice actor, I think it’s a must to have a professional home studio. First of all, I think it’s most fair to the client, because he or she pays quite a bit of money for a Dutch voice-over talent and expects good quality. And secondly: I can work comfortably in this recording studio. I don’t like to lock myself in an old closet (I’ve already done that the first eighteen years of my life) and record commercials, with a lack of oxygen, for national Dutch radio and television. The quality has to be perfect and constant and the client should get what he or she pays for. Just a short disclaimer: a recording is almost always of poor quality if the voice-over is not good in his profession. Fortunately, I may say that I am a good voice-over. Listen here!

Professionele voice-over studio

Soundproof & Good Acoustics

The nice thing about this studio is that I have all the space I need to do my work. Standing, as well as sitting. Preferably I take a standing position. This is a more active position and can be heard immediately in the recording (yes, that’s really possible). During post-processing I grab my chair and I can give my legs and back some rest after recording a Dutch e-learning, explanation video, commercial, IVR or corporate movie.

In addition, the studio is completely soundproofed and recordings are not interrupted by loud neighbors, children playing outside or a barking dog. But sounds coming from outside are not the only jammers you should avoid while recording a script. The acoustic treatment on the inside of the studio is also crucial when recording. The studio needs to sound ‘dry’ on the inside. That means: no reverb and other reflections. These can hardly be filtered out afterwards. Prevention – especially during sound recordings – is better than cure.

Use of renowned software

Maybe you think: where are all those mixing consoles, equalizers and compressors in that so-called professional studio of yours? I have all these tools in the form of software! Building a studio used to be a lot more expensive. Every effect you used in a recording came from a physical device. Nowadays, you can import them into your recording software thanks to all kinds of packages available online. The interface of these devices still looks the same, but the price for these plug-ins is a lot lower and it works much more practical.

I mainly use plug-ins from Waves. I will honestly say that this is not cheap software, but it is 100% worth it to buy as a Dutch voice-over and voice actor. But when you buy these plug-ins, you’re not there yet. You need to know how to use them. As a cook you can have nice Diamond Sabatier knives, but if you don’t even know how to put a sandwich under the grill, you won’t get far and you won’t be able to put together a Michelin worthy dish. For audio software, that’s no different story. I have practiced many hours in my studio to be able to use various plug-ins skillfully, but for many years to come there will be features that I don’t know yet. That’s a matter of decades of training and continuing to learn new things.

Microphone that matches my voice

A good microphone is not unimportant as a professional Dutch voice talent, but not the most important thing of all. Number one in my opinion is the acoustics, which largely determines the quality. Of course I opted for good acoustics, and a good microphone.

I have the RØDE NT1-Kit at my disposal. Why did I choose this microphone and not, for example, the Neumann U87? Because the RØDE microphone fits my voice. You shouldn’t choose a particular brand of microphone because everyone has one, because not every microphone fits every voice-over or voice actor. It’s about which microphone your voice sounds best with. Also the price doesn’t say everything about the sound quality of the microphone. The RØDE I use is not expensive compared to Neumann’s microphones, but the differences in quality are regularly barely audible.

Live sessions

I offer the opportunity to direct during recordings. The listening party’s microphone is muted at the moment of recording. Personally I find it annoying to record a voice-over during an ongoing phone conversation, because it reduces my concentration. If I’m busy recording your commercial, you can sit back for a moment and I’ll invite you back in a few minutes to discuss the recording for and write down some directional instructions. I can guarantee the quality and we will both be satisfied.

Dutch voice-over wanted?

Would you like to book a Dutch voice-over or voice actor to make your commercial, animation video, e-learning, voicemail or corporate film stand out and give it character? I’m happy to help. Please contact me using the form below. If you’d prefer to discuss with me about your production first, please call or WhatsApp on +31850602700 or ask your question below.