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You can use my voice for almost any production, with the exception of persiflages. For Dutch animation videos, e-learning, commercials, corporate videos, pre rolls, voicemails, billboards and in-store I am certainly suitable!

This is a chicken and egg situation. There’s not one price for a voice-over, just like there’s not one price for a car. Voice-over rates are determined by many factors.

Would you like to know how much it costs to have me record your Dutch voice-over? Call me on +31850602700 or fill in the contact form.

Yes, free of charge and without obligation, I’ll make a recording of part of the Dutch script you want me to record.

Three things are important. First of all, the script and the tone-of-voice. A third thing that provides support during the recording are any video materials and music that have already been produced. These are especially useful when recording short spots, so I can play the spot and record at the same time.

Voice-over recordings are sent via WeTransfer by default.

Yes. Thanks to my work as a Dutch voice-over and voice actor, I have a wide network of animators and videographers. If I’m the right Dutch voice actor for your production, and you don’t yet have a suitable videographer in mind, I’ll be happy to help you find the right creator for the visual side.


First of all, I have a professional home studio. I believe that good audio quality starts with good acoustics. A recording is not professional if it contains all kinds of strange reverberation and noise. My studio is also soundproof, so construction workers who are working on the neighbor’s house don’t cause any annoyance during recordings.

For recording Dutch voice-overs I use the RØDE NT1-Kit, a high-quality microphone with a low noise threshold. I also have Adobe Audition with a whole load of plug-ins to be able to edit the recordings perfectly. All this hardware and software is fun, but without the right knowledge you won’t get far. That’s why I spent most of my Friday evenings during my student life learning how to edit recordings.

Recordings are sent in WAV (48000Hz, 24 bit) by default. Other formats are also possible on request.

Yes, I apply EQ and light compression by default with every recording. This saves you a lot of work, because the Dutch voice-over will be ready for use upon delivery and can be placed directly under the content.

Yes, and it’s free of charge. However, the recording will always be ‘cleaned up’.

Yeah, that’s possible. There’s a small fee per minute in return.

For a small fee, I can export the recordings separately and create a folder structure if necessary.

Broadcasting rights (buyout)

A buyout is mandatory for the following productions: radio and television commercials, in-store messages and social ads (Facebook, YouTube and LinkedIn). When buying a voice-over for paid channels, the buyout for the first 12 months is included.

A buyout is mandatory for the following productions: radio and television commercials, in-store messages and social ads (Facebook, YouTube and LinkedIn). When buying a voice-over for paid channels, the buyout for the first 12 months is included.

No, broadcasting rights apply for a minimum of 12 months or longer.

Yes, a buyout must be purchased for each type of medium. Would you like to broadcast a recording on national radio in addition to national television? Then you pay a buyout for both channels.

No, the number of channels on the same type of medium on which a recording is broadcast does not influence the price of the buyout. So it doesn’t matter if you use my voice for a commercial broadcasted on NPO 3FM and Radio 538, or only on NPO 3FM. A condition is that the various channels must have the same range (for example, all at a national, regional or local level).

Voice-over terms

Are you not yet fully familiar with the notions of the voice-over profession? Then use the voice-over terms and definitions below to familiarize yourself with the world of voice-overs and voice actors!


A voice-over is an announcer or storyteller that can be heard under audio-visual content, within applications and from electronic devices without being visually displayed himself. Unlike a voice actor, the voice-over does not play a specific character but takes on an accompanying role.

Voice actor

A voice actor is an actor without visual representation who plays a character under audiovisual content, within applications and electronic devices. The voice actor mainly occurs within the entertainment industry, but can also be heard as a character in radio and television commercials.

Vocal booth

A vocal booth is a room or booth with dry acoustics for voice-overs and singers to record sound without reflections. You can build vocal booths as expensive as you want. So you can easily spend ten thousand euros on a professional vocal booth. But for less than a hundred euros you can also build one yourself, consisting of wooden slats and blankets.


A buyout is the amount paid for the rights of use of a voice-over recording for a specific medium for a specific period of time. In the case of radio and television commercials, voice-overs usually provide a buyout with a validity of one year.

Full buyout

When rights of use of a voice-over recording are granted for an indefinite period of time, this is also referred to as a full buyout. This means that the customer may broadcast the recording indefinitely without the rights of use expiring.

Repeat fee

After the expiration of a buyout, a repeat fee will be invoiced for further use. This is usually 25 to 50 percent of the original price. In some cases voice-overs or casting/voting agencies charge the full original rate.


The director coaches the voice-over during a recording session (directional instructions). In this way, the director gives directions about the tone-of-voice and whether it is being used correctly, as well as the tempo, intonation, volume and other audible elements. The director ensures that the recording is recorded according to the client’s wishes. Voice-overs recorded from home direct themselves or are directed by telephone.

Sound engineer

The audio engineer or sound technician supports the voice-over and director in making recordings. In addition to ensuring that the recording runs when the voice-overs begin to speak, the audio engineer is also responsible for post-processing the audio. Nowadays, there is not always a director present at a voice-over recording session and the audio engineer also takes over.


Audacity is open source HD recording software, suitable if you are just starting out as a voice-over. The software is free to download and easy to use.

Adobe Audition

Adobe Audition is HD recording software published by Adobe. Although Adobe Audition is very user-friendly, it has many features such as importing VST plug-ins.

Avid Pro Tools

Pro Tools is HD recording software published by Avid. Pro Tools is by far the most widely used software among audio engineers, voice-overs and voice actors to make recordings. Besides the fact that you can record your voice in high quality, you can also mix it with music and other sounds.

Waves plug-ins

Waves plug-ins are popular extensions intended for recording software used by audio engineers, voice-overs and voice actors. The Waves package includes every tool to make a recording sound beautiful. Think of equalizers, compressors, exciters and many other plug-ins.


The tone-of-voice, also called voice style, is the emotion with which the voice-over conveys a message. There can be several tone-of-voices in a commercial. For example, a commercial can be ushered in with a desperate tone-of-voice, in which there seems to be no solution to a certain problem. But then suddenly a solution comes along and the desperate tone-of-voice changes into an enthusiastic, recruiting voice style.