Listen to my Dutch voice-over demos and determine if I have the sound you are looking for for your commercial, online ad, video, corporate film or e-learning. I don’t mind recording a test sample to make sure you have the right voice for your production. Click here if you want to download the demos below.

Clients describe my voice as an ‘active’ sounding voice. One that appeals to the active man and woman. A number of voice characteristics I regularly hear are: tough, deep, optimistic, motivating and contemporary.


Would you like me to record a Dutch voice-over for commercial for television, radio or online? Listen to the demo below and hear how I can use my voice in different styles. My voice is most popular among the tough men’s (and women’s) brands. I can be heard a lot in campaigns of construction companies and contractors, but also manufacturers of cars and car parts.


The voice of a brand is part of the corporate identity. Think of the voice as the company’s font and the tone-of-voice as the layout of the font. My ‘font’, or voice, is authoritarian and encourages action, but always with an optimistic undertone. This is mainly due to my deep sound. Several studies prove that speakers with a low voice show more authority and are taken more seriously. Do you want to show expertise and authority in your Dutch corporate film? I would be happy to help you with a Dutch voice-over for your video.

IVR and voicemails

What is your main purpose when you use a voicemail as an entrepreneur? Exactly, that callers do not hang up when the phone is not answered, but that a message is left or that you are even contacted online. A boring voicemail that sounds like a robot is not a thing anymore. Avoid losing costumers and order a Dutch voicemail or IVR that encourages people to take action.


Are you looking for a Dutch voice-over talent for a commercial, e-learning, billboard, online advertisement, pre roll, corporate film, voicemail, IVR, instore, explanation video, app, game or whatever? This video is a short compilation of my work and gives you an honest impression of my skills and expertise.

Dry recording

To give you an impression of the recording quality and acoustics in my studio, I recorded a short sample without editing it. No reverb, and other annoying jammers while recording commercials, animation videos, e-learning and voicemails. Want to know more about my voice-over studio? Read more here!