Would you like to book a male Dutch voice-over or voice actor with a professional home studio? You can fill in the contact form on the contact page. However, I know from experience that it’s easier to discuss by phone, so feel free to call me on +31850602700.

Dutch voice-over rates

Every production is different, so no price is the same. With voice-over productions, it is almost impossible to offer a static price overview.That’s why it is important to contact me if you are interested in a voice-over, so I can see what I can do for you within your budget.

Choose quality over price

Many people who book a Dutch voice-over or voice actor for the first time are shocked by the price. This is understandable, because having a voice-over recorded is not cheap. But why does a voice-over ask these ‘high’ rates? Even when the script is only fifty words long? Why not just choose a Dutch voice-over or voice actor who does it for fifty percent less? I’ll explain it to you in detail.

Voice-overs exist in all kinds. You have voices who have a cheap microphone in their wardrobe, don’t have any experience, don’t know what they’re doing when they’re recording and editing (if they do that at all) and don’t really know their own market.

The voice-over who records a thousand words for about five euros on Fiverr often is a part of this category. Basically, this type of voice-over offers a fair price, because you hear that the quality of the recording is much lower, just like the skills of the voice-over.

The saying “cheap is expensive” applies here without a doubt (exceptions exist), because these voices are usually difficult to direct due to lack of experience and you don’t get the result you want. All the beautiful and expensive videos that you’ve shot for your promo can be flushed down the toilet, because the cheap voice-over throws a spanner in the works.

The opposite of this ‘voice-over’ is the voice actor that takes his or her profession seriously and chooses to invest in his or her business in different ways. Such as investing in knowledge, skills and good equipment. One who knows that recording voice-overs is not a simple hobby, but a profession you have to become good at in order to be successful.

voice over boeken stemacteur gezocht

Looking for a native Dutch voice-over talent?

Would you like to book a Dutch voice-over or voice actor? I’d be happy to help. I’m a Dutch voice-over and voice actor for your commercial, online video, e-learning, voicemail, IVR, corporate film, in-store, pre roll, social ad or animation video. Because I have been recording since I was fifteen years old, I can say that I’m competent enough for your production.

As a professional voice-over, I have a high-end home studio at my disposal in which I can make high-quality recordings. Book me today, and I’ll deliver today.