About me

My name is Klaas Groenewold (1998, Deventer) and I am a professional native Dutch voice-over and voice actor, living in Enschede. I was about fifteen years old when I recorded a voice-over for the first time. I found commercials fascinating as a child: thousands of people hear your voice and yet no one knows you. That’s what I find so charming and mysterious about the profession. Since then, I have practiced for many years before entering the market professionally in 2019.

Besides my work as a Dutch voice-over for radio and television commercials, online videos and e-learning, I study Creative Business with a specialization in audiovisual media. By following this course at the university, I not only have a lot of knowledge about the voice-over profession, but also about the entire spectrum of audiovisual content production and the marketing strategies.

Professional home studio

In my apartment I have a high-end studio in which I can work without restrictions and record high quality voice-overs thanks to the good insulation, acoustics and equipment. In addition, over the past few years I’ve studied various post-processing techniques with which I can give a recording some extra shine, so you can paste it directly in your content.

I think it’s important to deliver a good product that the customer doesn’t have to work on afterwards. My motto is therefore: it doesn’t matter what budget a company has available, but if you agree about the price, then you have to go for it and you shouldn’t deliver low quality work. Either you give everything, or you don’t take the job. I am quite experienced by now and I know what I am doing during a job and the preliminary discussion. But I also believe that every client brings with him or her new insights with which you can further develop yourself. That’s why I think it should be possible to talk openly about feedback during collaborations.