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Klaas Groenewold

Dutch voice-over & voice actor

Sounds tough, optimistic and powerful!

My name is Klaas Groenewold and I am a native Dutch male voice-over who records voice-overs for online videos, radio and television commercials, e-learning, IVR, voicemails and corporate films.

I first recorded a Dutch voice-over when I was about fifteen years old. It was love at first sight. Since then, I’ve taken about five years to gain experience and get my skills on a professional level. I still enjoy every day when recording voice-overs. I can live from this income and I hope being a Dutch voice talent will continue for many years.

The recordings are made in my professional home studio and edited with care and attention. Your files will be delivered the same day. Not quite sure about your choice yet? Request a free (and non-binding) sample right away!


Many clients have chosen me as a Dutch voice-over among their content. My voice can be heard in Dutch campaigns of multinationals such as Subaru, Expert, Takata, Tradeshift and Kubota, but can also be heard in a series on NPO Start (Dutch NPR) and several documentaries of Metropool. Local entrepreneurs and organisations are just as much part of my target market for voice-overs. Think of the Dutch Saxion Universities of Applied Sciences, Coop IJskoud and De Posten.

As a Dutch male voice-over and voice actor, I don’t have just one specialty. One often associates a voice-over with the voice one hears in a commercial, but a large part of my time I’m also busy recording e-learnings of tens of thousands of words long, small jobs such as voicemails and IVR/IVA, but also countless animation videos, promos, infomercials, social ads and recruitment videos.

Market conform rates & fast delivery

As a professional Dutch voice-over and voice actor with a high-end studio, I can help you with a good recording for an appropriate price. Every production is unique. Based on your specifications I can determine how much a Dutch voice-over recording will cost. I can be reached by phone on +31850602700. You can also fill in the contact form.

Most recordings are ready the same day and otherwise within 24 hours. The voice-over recording will be delivered via WeTransfer.

Why you should choose me

I live for my job. Every day I dedicate 130 percent of my energy to delivering the best quality voice-overs to my clients. Delivering low quality recordings because the client’s budget is a bit lower, is a no-go for me.

I am a native Dutch voice-over! I was born and raised in Deventer, a southwestern city in the province of Overijssel. I was brought up monolingual, in the Dutch language. My parents both speak ABN (Algemeen Beschaafd Nederlands), i.e. without any dialect or accent. I can therefore speak very neutral Dutch. Want to know more about me? Check this!

As a male voice I have a distinctive sound to offer that makes your company stand out. With my voice I can go both high and low. That makes me suitable for all kinds of productions, such as a serious message that touches the viewer. Or a message in which the ‘ordinary Dutch househusband’ should play a part. As a Dutch voice-over, I put myself in the shoes of the marketer and the listener.

Anyone who lets me record a text can rest assured that the recording will be delivered quickly, but in a professional manner from my own studio. With my experience I know how to handle every script.

Good reviews

I’m not satisfied until I’ve exceeded your expectations. My goal is to offer clients a dynamic recording that helps them to grow as a company or organization and to connect with the recipient. Even when it comes to a simple voicemail: the end result has to be good. Read a number of reactions from previous clients below.

Very good and fast communication. The assignment is perfectly executed, I am really satisfied!
Reviews Klaas Groenewold voice-over en stemacteur met eigen studio
Daniël B.
Klaas is very sympathetic, thinks along well and has a clear and varied voice. He has produced a fragment of very high quality within 24 hours. Top experience and definitely recommended!
Klaas Groenewold voice-over en stemacteur met eigen studio ervaringen
Mathijs P.
Industrial product designer
Super fast service and a good voice!
Testimonials Klaas Groenewold voice-over en stemacteur met eigen studio
Jan de K.

What makes me a professional voice-over?

‘Professional’ simply means that one can execute an activity professionally and competently. But in my opinion, this word is so much more than just recording voice-overs to cover your expenses. Yes, my voice-overs are professionaly recorded, but it’s also about good service and a transparent cooperation.

Every person who orders something from me, or just contacts me for whatever reason, I offer a personal and pleasant service. That’s why I’m willing to give you advice in all sorts of areas around audiovisual media. After all, that’s what I study for. You can ask anything, stupid questions don’t exist!

There are Dutch voice-overs and voice actors who record a voice-over without having any idea what they are reading. When I record a voice-over, I do a preliminary investigation into the company. I look at old commercials and scan posts on social media to find out what tone-of-voice a company uses.

If I don’t understand certain words or phrases in a text, I look them up. You’ll hear it immediately if a voice-over or voice actor has no idea what he or she is talking about. If I find spelling mistakes, I will let the client know and give advice.

In short, booking me as a Dutch voice-over or voice actor is more than just buying a product. I offer good service and you get more than you pay for.

Free sample

Would you like to book a professional Dutch male voice-over or Dytcg voice actor for your commercial, animation video or voicemail? I would be happy to help you with my expertise. Request a free sample using the form below. I will record part of the script, so you can decide if my voice fits your production.